Best Online Casino in New Zealand

What are casinos?
Gambling has always been a great fun recreational activity among the masses since the medieval period. A casino, basically a house for gambling has been in fashion since then. A casino is an association of people united by common interests or goals. As people began to live in larger groups, the need arose for people with common interests to be able to come together without kinship ties. Casinos of this type have been around for a long time. Check this complete page from starting to end, Here you will find the most popular and the best online casino in New Zealand.

What made casinos popular?

It is a question to wonder that even if people lose a lot in casinos, why they are still gaining popularity. The answer is simple; the urge to earn more is what allures them towards casinos. Another contributing reason is the accessibility, earlier only limited people or the better offs of the society had the access to these places but nowadays everyone has the provision to gamble as per his pocket.

Association with Glamour

Advent of the advertisement industry has also paved to path to gambling. Advertisements have always portrayed players playing poker or roulette with stylish lifestyle. Showing gamblers who are sitting on the table either watching a game or about to bet on it. Moreover, the players who win these games are found to get extensive media coverage and are shown to lead a lush lifestyle after winning the jackpots. Well we are trying to provide beginners guide to New Zealand online casinos and as much as possible information about the NZ casinos on our site.

Top List of New Zealand Online Casinos

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% bonus up to €100 on your first deposit + 1000 spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to 1000 NZD + 200 free spins

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Welcome Offer - 100% Up To 500 NZD + 50 Free Spins

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Get 100% bonus up to $1,000 cash + 100 free spins in book of dead

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Bonus up to €/$ 1000 + 500 Free Spins on Sweet Bonanza

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Get 100% up to NZ$1000 + 200FS

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Get back 10% on your deposits every week!

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100% bonus up to $200 +100 free spins

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Welcome Offer - 100% Up to 650 NZD + 100 Free Spins

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Get 200% up to $2000 + 200 Free Spins

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Get 100% up to NZ$500 +200 FS

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100% upto €100 + 200 free spin on book of dead+10% weekly cashback

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Get 100% up to $1,000

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100% up to 1,000 NZD + 200 FS

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Get $2000 + 200 Cash Spins

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€300 Bonus + 50 Free Spins

Popularity of Casinos in New Zealand

Gambling has been long a part of Kiwi’s life. Earlier they used to bet on the cards or on sports competition, but most famous was horse betting. After opposition from some groups in 1920, being restricted for merely a period of 50years, it revived again in 1980. This year was a game changer. The craze of this could be understood as two-third of the population played it regularly in 2000s. Many electronic poker games were introduced and made legal in the 21st century. Finally, 1989 was the year approving the introduction of casinos. By the year 2003, six casino sites were available in Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton and two in Queenstown.

Shifting from Brick and Motar to Online Casinos

Casinos have been famous since the dawn of 21st century among the Kiwi’s. Over the past few years, a boom can be noticed in the casino industry. Best online casinos in New Zealand have been emerging with each passing day. From spinning the wheel in casinos, the kiwis have enjoyed the journey of the same in the virtual world. But what made these online casinos famous among the masses of New Zealand? Answer lies in the accessibility, multiple offers, bonuses and the thrill of real-time gaming offered over online platforms become the attention seeker in this. Further we will be discussing about what to look for when choosing the best online casinos in New Zealand.

What to Look for in the Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

Whenever searching for the best online casinos in New Zealand, it is a must to know what a person seeks for. Looking over what the best online casinos in New Zealand should offer:

• GAMES COLLECTION- Majorly the attention to a particular online casino attributes to the number or assortment of games offered. Variety of games offered, from pokers to roulette is what separates the best online casinos of New Zealand from the other casinos in the nation.

• BONUSES- As to attract heavy footfall of customers, many online casinos offer bonuses in multiple ways such as sign up bonus, first transaction offer and many more. Thus, the developers and research team always has to closely scrutinize the rewards or offers by monitoring the preferences of an individual customer.

• Security and integration- The trust over what an app or online platform offers can only be assured if it offers security and promise fair play. Best online casinos in New Zealand always take care of such factors so that the gaming could be made more fun.

• PAYMENT GATEWAYS- allowing the players to deposit the money through diverse, secure and easy gateways is what the best casinos of New Zealand always keep a check on. Making sure that the players never have to come across any problem related to these gateways.

Beginners Guide to New Zealand Online Casinos

Getting the insights about how online casinos work is of key importance to get the best experience. Learning the rules and regulations attributed to the games is utmost necessity. This information proves handy when selecting the game that suits the best to you.

Strategies are also important in the beginning so as to comprehend what is to be done for getting the maximum profits from the amount invested in a peculiar game. It is extremely useful to determine the bets which they should go for and should also understand when it’s better to stay away from certain bets. To have the best experience in the best online games in New Zealand, you must familiarize yourself with some specific games.

How to Choose a Game?

Who doesn’t love choices, especially when it’s in gambling games gives freedom to try luck in different casino games. One could play the same game for hours but if it gives the freedom to switch, then the experience even intensifies.

We are going to take a walk through the different steps we need to take in order to find the best game for us.

Many websites do their research to provide the top 10 games to the customers who are sorted by checking the preferences and likings of the people playing repeatedly. But still, tailoring the games according to the needs of each and every individual is intrinsic. We are a group of unique individuals with different taste and needs. This means we are going to like different games even though we are from same locality or same state.

Parameters to check for a game:-

1. Check whether you are looking for a fast-paced or relaxing game.

2. Check if you are seeking game with bells or whistles.

3. A game that involves a lot of thinking or a relaxed one with limitless enjoyment.

Based upon these above mentioned questions along with some other according to the preferences you have, a game can be selected that meets your demands.

How Casino Bonuses Work?

There are multiple sorts of bonuses that are made available in different online casino games which sometimes are difficult to understand, create confusion and can be stressing if you don’t understand what is being offered to you. Here is a brief introduction to the different bonuses that are offered explained:-

1. No deposit bonus

2. Match Bonuses

3. Free money bonus

4. Sticky bonus

5. Exclusive bonus

6. Loyalty bonus

7. Reload bonus

Below you can read a brief introduction about given 7 Bonuses above.

Top New Zealand Casinos

Top Online Casinos NZ

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

Get 100% up to $1000 + 300 free spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to $1200 + 50 Free spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to $1000

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

Up to $1,300 + 250 Bonus Spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to $100 + 100 spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to €2000+200 FS

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

Get 100% up to $300 + 100 FS

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to 1,000 NZD + 200 FS

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% Bonus up to 400 NZD and 400 free spins in Book of Dead!

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

Get up to €1650 plus 300 free spins.

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100 free spins - 100% up to €100 bonus

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to $500 + 200 Spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to 4,550 EUR + 1,800 Free Spins

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

100% up to 1000 NZD

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

Get 250% bonus up to €1200 + 250 FS

18+ Play Responsibly | T&Cs Apply

125% up to 1000$ NZ + 200 FS

Learn about Casino Bonuses

1. Zero Deposit Bonus:-

This is the easiest bonus to get in these games. The only rule to get this type of bonus is to register as an authentic player to online casino websites offering these offers and you receive money in just 2 clicks. Sometimes the money is credited directly into your account or sometimes you have to jump into your email section to cash the bonus. Limitations are always set by the different casino sites that offer these kinds of bonuses. So, it is advised to read all the rules and regulations which we as humans generally don’t care to read at all. In some particular games, a player sometimes has to make a certain deposit of money to avail this offer.
2. Match Bonuses:-

This bonus is activated in some websites when you make a deposit of some amount. This is to say, some casinos have made a rule to deposit an equivalent to the amount that a player deposits in his or her account. Take a bill of $100 as an example; if you deposit hundred dollars into the account, then the website make the deposit of $100 from itself to match the value you deposited. Ultimately, you would get $200 in your account instead of $100. This offer is basically available for the player who makes the deposit for the first time to a website.

3. Free Money Deposit:-

Free money bonus is a bonus that is completely irrelevant to the amount that you deposit to the site. For example, if you add $30 to the profile then you are getting around $90, almost 300% bonus, but if the same player adds $50 dollars stills he gets the same amount, profit around 175%, so before you choose a casino for its low initial bonuses, before hopping onto other website keep in mind whether the same website offers high bonuses when playing for a long time.

4. Sticky Bonuses:-

As the name suggests, this is the bonus that stays in your account, it is non-cashable. This means that you will receive the money from the website but you can only cash the amount that is above this limit. For example, you get $100 as a signing bonus or sticky bonus and you win $125, then the amount that you win is actually $25 not $125. There are some online casinos that given hefty amount to play, sometimes can be over $1000. These casinos are so generous for the reason that a person could increase his profits many folds.

5. Exclusive bonuses:-

Similar to the upper mentioned offers, this offer is only available for the certain players. These offers are sometimes only available to the person who is a member of the website and as a responsibility, the company has made a deal with the actual casino owner to provide this deal to only a limited number of loyal customers.

6. Loyalty Bonus:-

Loyalty bonuses are only available to the players who stick to a particular website for a longer period of time. Basically, the ones who have been playing this game for a certain amount of time are given such offers.

7. Reload Bonus:-

Many New Zealand casinos make this type of bonus to its customers. After making your deposit into the website, many casinos give this as a sign of encouragement. Usually certain days are selected of the week to avail this offer to the public about which a player is notified through an electronic mail. Make sure to regularly check your emails for such rewards before they expire.


Live casino is a new method of gambling online, allowing players to feel that they are actually betting sitting in the traditional casinos. Player can avail a wager who on their behalf places a bet to get better payback percentage to the other players

• Why is live casino exciting: - these real-time games give the facility to take part in the real game with other participants and a human dealer. Internet connectivity and a console to play the game are all required.


• Cameras
• Game Control Unit
• Wheel
• Monitor

Cameras: - After the corona pandemic, everything has went online, giving rise to the term online streaming, which was a blessing for many. In online streaming camera is a must. The technical breakthrough has made it possible to go for live streaming. One camera is required to focus on the game, one on the table and sometimes even more.

GCU: - This small device equivalent to the size of a shoe is the most important unit in this stream. Every table has its own GCU unit, which has a function to encode video that is aired. Allowing the dealers to run the game effectively and smoothly. To cap this, no live game can run without a GCU.

Wheel: - it is common for every casino to have a wheel in them. The software or sensors that are used in the live casino gaming are generally linked to the wheels.

Monitor: - These big silver screens are what online players see when they actually are in the game. There is a dire need of the monitor for the dealer too, allows him to check the bets that he had placed and the ones that he had already closed. Besides this, dealer can also notice about the active participation of the public. These monitors give the player an alternative option to chat with the dealers to get the information about every problem that is encountered by them.